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GroupNet Solutions > How Blogging Can Increase Traffic To Your Website

In its earliest stages online business marketing was incredibly primitive.  Websites were basically used as digital calling cards and usually contained nothing more than the name of the organization, its contact information and a short pitch.

Today, it’s certainly well-known that establishing an online presence is done by utilizing several web marketing techniques instead of just one. As technology advances your organization’s advertising tactics must follow suit. No longer is it sufficient to just have a static webpage with the most basic information—people want to learn more, ask questions, and interact with real people before making a buying decision.

One of the easiest ways to help your website connect with its desired audience is through blogging. Short for web-blog, blogs are virtual journals that are generally posted in reverse-chronological order to create an on-going “story” of that person or organization. Because blogs are not limited in topic, blogging can be a successful marketing tool for any membership or non-profit organization, large or small. And if you regularly update your blog, you’ll not only make your website more interesting and engaging, but you’ll also give your readers a reason to come back—instead of just hit the “back” button. After all, it’s much cheaper to keep a member rather than secure a new one.

Blogging is a great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool as well.  Consistently increasing the number of pages your website has indexed by Google (and the other search engines) helps your website appear in search engine results. Not to mention, blogs have the ability to encompass a tremendous amount of keywords which assists in attracting relevant clients through the search engines.

Once your blog is established on your website it’s a good idea to include a comment area that allows others to share their thoughts on your entries and company.  These comments can give membership and non-profit organizations an idea of what their clients think of everything from a new online registration system, changes to league management software or their everyday product and services.  Over time, an established rapport with viewers can be parlayed into a more appealing presentation and will drive more traffic to your website, ultimately increasing conversions and sales.

On that same note, it is also smart for businesses and non profit organizations to interact and comment on other blogs—particularly those in the same niche or devoted to the same vertical market as your organization. If you join the discussion, comment frequently and provide helpful information you’ll expand your presence in other relevant social networking sites while indirectly promoting your blog and organization.  Plus, when posting your comments most blogs allow you to put your name, contact information and a direct link to your website which helps drive traffic to your website.

Simply put, blogs give membership organizations and non-profit organizations an outlet from which they can establish an online presence and voice.  Aside from the potential for traffic generation, a regularly updated blog gives you a chance to hear from your members and gives visitors a reason to come back to your site time and time again.