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Why Businesses and Government Agencies Should Outsource their Registration and Scheduling Needs to GroupNet Solutions

Online registration and schedule management is a new frontier for both government and corporate entities. GroupNet Solutions has heard from many government agencies, like Parks and Rec, that they do not have the resources to handle all of the needs of their departments, especially their sports department. As we provide custom solutions to many club, league, state and national sports organizations, we are able to similarly serve government agencies as well.

Why Government Agencies Need Custom Registration Solutions

In fact, the needs of the two sectors are not entirely dissimilar. Many government agencies:

  • Lack software/technologies to mass-communicate with registrants by email or text
  • They further lack adequate support from their IT departments, which are generally working at capacity, and because of this;
  • They do not have the ability to build/test/resolve and have on-going support for their events registration and services.

As such, these governmental bodies are restrained by their lack of reach, which is then compounded by their inability to adjust their systems and processes.

Customer Case Studies

Arlington Park and Recreation has used GroupNet Solutions since 2005 for their youth and adult sports league registrations because they found it challenging getting the customized technical support from their IT department.  Therefore they use GroupNet Solutions to create and manage online registration.

Roanoke County Park and Recreation and all of their individual single and multi-sport organizations w/in the county not only uses GroupNet Solutions to manage all of their sporting events but also uses it as an email communication tool.

Custom solutions, like those provided by GroupNet Solutions, are infinitely flexible. Whatever an organization’s particular needs, constraints and desires, we can create a solution to fit – You Think It, We Do It!

If you would like more information about our customized solutions for your government or sports organization, please check out simply call the GroupNet Pro Sales team at 866-339-1210.