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Four Tips to Achieve Effective Client Communication through Social Networking

In today’s high-tech world, the Internet (and social networking sites, for that matter) has made communicating with friends and family from across the globe easier than ever. As more people are exchanging information online than ever before, it makes sense that social media sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are also heavily utilized by businesses as a marketing tool to build their brand with.

Clearly, every business is looking to attract as many customers as possible. However, this is only the first part of the equation—it’s keeping long-term clients and establishing solid business relationships that will keep an organization successful and profitable for years to come. Because of this, establishing a presence on social media sites is more important than ever, regardless of a company’s size.  No longer relying solely on household names, people are instead searching on the Internet to see what other customers’ experiences have been before making a buying decision.

Quick and effective communication with clients is always important, especially for small businesses with smaller budgets. Most of the online communities, local business listings, discussion groups, and fan pages are all free to use and can be helpful in building a network of returning, long-time customers.

To get you started, GroupNet has provided four easy steps that will put your business on the right track to establishing a presence through social media and networking sites:

1. Set up an account with some sort of social networking platform. Whether it’s a Facebook page, blog, or online newsletter, the first step is to establish a name for your business in the online world.

2. Continuing from the previous point, it’s also important to get involved in as many social networking sites as possible. It would be a mistake to think that potential customers are only on Facebook or Twitter—that’s just what happens to be popular. Instead, there are several sites that are just as effective (if not more so), as they focus on a particular demographic area. Small businesses that adhere to one specific location should look into what sites are popular within their community and become an active part of that network.

3. While this may sound like a no-brainer, one actually has to work to develop a presence online. Simply making a Facebook page is not enough—it takes time, consistent updating, and an interactive rapport with followers to really become the preferred “go-to” person or company when someone is searching for details on your subject of specialty.  People want to see that there is someone actually maintaining these networking sites and that if they reach out, they won’t be ignored.

4. Remember that everything published online is a reflection of you and your business. Simply put, make sure to maintain a polished presence on not only social networking sites, but on business homepage or blog as well. If a company has sites that are clean, user-friendly, and offer valuable and engaging information, they are more likely to make a positive first and lasting impression.

Like mentioned earlier, social networking can be an effective business marketing tool with the ability to quickly reach existing and potential customers—if used correctly that is. Social media communication efforts must be both maintained and tweaked from time-to-time to useful. Devoting just a few minutes each day or a couple hours a week to a social networking campaign makes building a presence not only easier and more effective, but will pay dividends in the long run.