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Financial Tracking is a “Must” for Basketball Online Registration Solutions

You Think It, We Do It – A common theme after reading client e-mails is GroupNet Solutions’ ability to build and support very complex solutions.

We are grateful to consistently receive emails from satisfied customers, many of whom have been using our online registration service for years to handle their sports league registrations. Below are just a few testimonials highlighting our dedication to incorporate financial tracking based upon the way our clients do business vs. ‘constrained in non-custom systems’.

GroupNet Solutions has offered our organization all of the resources necessary to run our basketball and six other sport programs with great ease.  We are able to utilize a variety of applications/functions offered within our database to facilitate the needs of our program on a daily basis.  Additionally, we are able to utilize our system financial report to track our basketball monies and monitor all financial transactions which enables us to stay within our given budget.   
–Marci Jenkins, Administrator/Registrar, Damascus Sports Association

We find basketball groups also have the need for assessing an additional fee when a recreational registrant is accepted on a travel team. We can offer options for travel installment payments to be paid online or by recurring billing. We can even give organizations the ability to credit the previously paid recreational fee when a player accepts the travel assignment!
As so many players simply want to try-out without having to pay any fees, when the teams are formed, the process for players to accept placement on the team and pay their necessary fees can’t be beat.
–Julie Jarboe, LOUYAA Business Manager

Whether you have volunteer opt out fees, team or organizational sponsorship, donations, early, regular or late registration fees, out-of-county or in-county fees, multi-family discounts, uniform fees, vouchers or implementing future credits, GroupNet Solutions’ services are built to incorporate and track all of your fee variables.   Whatever specialized needs your organization has, we can certainly fill them.

Let our thousands of satisfied clients be your guide. To take advantage of our special offers through October 31, 2012, please visit our site today or feel free to contact Lisa Olson at 866-339-1210 directly. Don’t accept one-size-fits-all software. Get a custom registration solution from GroupNet today!