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GNS Lacrosse Registration Software Syncs With US Lacrosse For Fast, Simple Registration

You Think It, We Do It – A common theme after reading client e-mails is GroupNet Solutions’ ability to build and support very complex solutions.

GroupNet Solutions’ status as an approved US Lacrosse Preferred Provider means that our Lacrosse Registration System allows teams and organizations to manage players’ and coaches’ US Lacrosse Association membership.

This is not only great for organizers who no longer need to cross-check registrations, but to registrants themselves, who only have to sign up once. In addition to providing insurance, the US Lacrosse Association offers many other benefits to its members, including valuable player and coach developmental materials, and discounts with their sponsors.

This extra level of service and support is great for Adult and Youth Lacrosse travel and tournament teams, as almost all tournaments require both players and coaches to be US Lacrosse members for insurance purposes.

GroupNet Solutions’ Lacrosse Registration System also allows organizations to quickly and easily obtain registrations online and save them in one central location for easy management and reporting. And like all our sports registration systems, our solutions allow users to support multi-level organizations, find and edit data, manage risk and much more.

GroupNet Solutions’ 15+ years of experience means that we know what matters to organizations. Because of that, you build the system in less than thirty minutes and have automatic control of your fees for each of your pre-defined groups (e.g. age, grade, gender), including late fees, shutdown, and waitlist by group. Organizers also appreciate the mass email and text communication system, included free with the registration system, as well as the complete suite of reports and the overall ease of use.

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