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GroupNet Solutions > Use Google Drive To Store Your Club’s Documents

Does your Club or Organization have a place to store important documents such as By-Laws, Tax Returns, League Management information, and other precious documents that need archiving and referencing for future volunteers? If you are like most Clubs, Non Profit Organizations, and other associations these documents are passed down from volunteer to volunteer and stored on their own personal computers.  This process makes it very difficult to update, track and provide easy access for current and future volunteers.

You need an online storage solution…that is free!

Finally, the long-time rumors have come true: Google Drive, the much anticipated online storage offering has been released and includes convenient integration with other Google services such as Docs and Google+. Google Drive allows users to store information in a virtual “cloud” and is very similar to Microsoft’s SkyDrive, Apple’s iCloud and Dropbox.

Google Drive is like a newer and shinier version of Google Docs, allowing users to store documents, images, videos, and pictures in one place. The program syncs mobile devices and computers together, allowing all changes to be made, tracked, and saved easily. Essentially, any edits made from one device will automatically show up on the other. Additionally, because it records changes made, one can go back up to 30 days and review what has been edited. This can be particularly helpful if trying to track changes made to downloaded sports registration or events registration data!

Despite the similarities, Google Drive could prove to be the most cost-effective option. Your organization can get up to 5GB of storage space for free, and additional upgrades are relatively cheap.

Google Drive is also the safest option, as it goes wherever users go and can be accessed from any device. SkyDrive and iCloud must be accessed from those linked devices only.  Should one of those devices malfunction or crash, the user could lose all of their saved information—that’s absolutely no fun. Google Drive, on the other hand, is available regardless of what machine is used. Whether it’s sharing pictures to be posted or working on scheduling a league event, Google Drive connects all participants together, even if they’re using different devices.

In the end, Google Drive allows you a central place to store your Organizations documents online and increase communications between league volunteers.