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How long will I have access to my database?

You have access to the Database for the same amount of time you purchase plus 3 months. Example, If you purchase the three month Events Registration Software System you have access to the Database and online registration forms for 3 months, and then you have access to the database ONLY for another 3 months.

Once I begin work on my profile/registration form can I go back and make changes?

Once you purchase your registration system you will receive a confirmation email that has a Profile link with an ID/Password. Until you activate your profile you can go back and make changes to your Profile at any time.

Can I give other board members access to the database?

Yes, you will be able to give access to the database to as many board members as you like. You can also limit the amount of access they have to the database reports.

How do I know which GroupNet Event system I should purchase?

The Events Registration Software system is based on the amount of time you will need a registration system. That time starts when you activate your Profile.

What if I make a mistake while filling out my form/profile?

If you make a mistake or need to change something mid-season, you will still be able to access your Profile and make changes to the form.

How many programs and sessions can I add?

You may add up to 10 main programs and unlimited sessions within those programs.

Can I accept both mail-in check and credit card payments?

Yes, you can accept both forms of payment or only one, it is up to you.

How do I accept credit cards on my GroupNet Events online registration form?

First you will need to obtain an e-commerce account. Please Click Here to see attachments to get started. Once you obtain your e-commerce account there is a section in your Profile where you will enter important information that will link your e-commerce account with your Events Registration Software system.

What does the online registration form look like?

Please Click Here to see examples of registration forms within Demo.

Can I add any questions I want on the online registration form?

Yes, you can add up to 3 additional questions to registration form.

What kind of reports does the database have?

Please Click Here to see a list of the database reports and their functions within Demo.

After I pay how do I get my registration links?

After you purchase a Events Registration Software system you will receive a profile link to work on. This profile link is how you set-up the information for your online registration form. Once you activate the profile you will receive your registration links in an email.

What if I have a registration emergency, is there a person I can call?

Yes, if at any time you need assistance please call your Customer Support Analyst, Jennifer at 800-966-8605 X107 or send an email to [email protected]

What is the difference between the GroupNet Events system and the GroupNet Lite system?

GroupNet Events is designed for camps, classes, and events which can be purchased by number of months you will need the system. GroupNet Lite is designed for sports leagues, which can be purchased by number of registrants.

How do I know if the GroupNet Events system is right for me?

If you are an organization looking for a cost conscious solution that can be built and setup within 30 minutes. You can run camps, clinics, classes, events for 1 month up to 1 year, depending on length of time purchased.