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Cost conscious solution for small organizations!

Whether a small or midsize sports organization, our GroupNet Lite registration systems will provide the online registration forms, database reports and built-in e-mail communication to help your organization manage your real-time database and communicate to your members!

  • Build system yourself in less than 30 minutes
  • Player and team official registration forms
  • Free mass e-mail and team roster builder
  • Online league manager features that include a full suite of reports and services<
  • Much more than just “software for sports”

GroupNet Lite Online Registration System Inclusions.

  • Youth/Adult Player and Coach online registration forms (This is your data; GroupNet Solutions does not sell, rent, share or distribute your data to any third parties)
  • View/Edit of registrant data
  • Automatic control of your fees for each of your pre-defined groups (e.g. age, grade, gender), including late fees, shutdown, and waitlist by group
  • Form for you to enter data from any paper applications you receive
  • Team Management, including team contact rosters and emergency release rosters
  • Mass E-mail Communication System
  • Your choice of accepting payments by credit card and/or mail-in check (we can also help you establish a separate account to handle recurring billing for credit cards)
  • Report to record receipt of mail-in check payments
  • Manage and update authorized system users at various levels of access
  • Download of player and coach data
  • Detailed Financial Reports
  • Census Report to track the number of registrants by group

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