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GroupNet’s Basketball Registration Solution Helps Organizations Manage Risk

You Think It, We Do It – A common theme after reading client e-mails is GroupNet Solutions’ ability to build and support very complex solutions.

We are grateful to consistently receive emails from satisfied customers, many of whom have been using our online registration service for years to handle their sports league registrations.   Below are just a few testimonials highlighting our dedication in allowing organizations to do a better job managing risk:

Take it from Denise A. McMinn, LDBA Administrator:

Risk Management functionality has also been extremely helpful from a regulation and business aspect.  LDBA doesn’t have to “track down” folks for critical information and delay the ability to proactively get the volunteer support structures in place.  By collecting and requiring the information upfront within your registration system, we simply dump the data, provide to the 3rd party background check company, and then automatically receive results back to the database; making an administrator’s job less stressful.  This has given LDBA an efficient process and helps to keep this data more confidential.

Taking League Management Software to the Next Level

What would it mean to your organization to have everything handled in one convenient system– payments, registration, rosters, communication, finances as well as risk management? Here’s what Marci Jenkins, Administrator/Registrar of the Damascus Sports Association has to say:

GroupNet Solutions has offered our organization all of the resources necessary to run our basketball and six other sport programs with great ease.  We are able to utilize a variety of applications/functions offered within our database to facilitate the needs of our program on a daily basis.  The mass email function, coupled with mass text, allows us to reach out to our basketball families with up to date information and last minute cancellations.  Additionally,  we are able to utilize our system financial report to track our basketball monies and monitor all financial transactions which enables us to stay within our given budget.   Above all, we recently instituted our Risk Management program which enables us to background check our basketball head and assistant coaches.  Thus, we are provided with peace of mind as to the protection and safety of our youth participants.

Let our thousands of satisfied clients be your guide. To take advantage of our special offer through October 31, 2012, , please visit our site today or feel free to contact Lisa Olson at 866-339-1210 directly.