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GroupNet Solutions > Launch of GroupNet Solutions Videos

GroupNet Solutions has been creating a number of Pro Custom services videos to highlight significant features in our system. We will be continuing to add in the weeks going forward, so please be certain to check under ‘QUICK LINKS FOR’ to see current videos already posted or new videos forthcoming.  We believe the videos may assist our clients during training of new staff/volunteers or to confirm if your organization is utilizing all of the valuable built-in custom services available to you and your members!  Should you have a suggestion of an important video, we value your opinion!  Therefore, please e-mail [email protected] with your suggestions.

You will see videos already LIVE for Team Management whether your organization forms teams by Individual Team or by Draft Round as well as Family Account Access.   If your organization is not utilizing either or both services as part of your Pro custom GNS services, please be certain to address with your GroupNet Solutions Customer Support Analyst (CSA) as both services are already available to you and are free!

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