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Last month we talked about the best apps for professional sports, and now we bring you the best statistics apps for all kinds of sports, from baseball to lacrosse, Little League to NCAA.

We love great software for sports. Just like our easy-to-use online sports registration, good software can make sports administration simple, fun, and headache-free.

The Best Statistics Tracking Apps

It’s not just generic software: these programs are purpose-built for individual sports, taking into account the needs of various leagues. All the apps export data for analysis and sharing, and they are so easy to use coaches can delegate the task to an assistant, player, or parent.

IPad apps are available for:

  • Softball/Baseball: Not only can you create your lineup, track strikes, balls and hits, and maintain pitch count, but there’s an online feature that allows play-by-play and pitch-by-pitch updates.
  • Basketball: Robust enough even for college-level basketball, this app even includes a Sketch Board function for drawing plays.
  • Lacrosse: Not only can you add your own roster, you can upload your opponent’s roster’s as well.
  • Football: Collects complete game statistics, even for special teams, and adjusts to different number of downs, field sizes, and kickoff yard line.
  • Soccer: Features the ability to save multiply lineups and starting positions, as well as pre-plan substitutions. Track the ‘in’ and ‘out’ times of each player, and get red and yellow alerts if the player exceeds preset limits.

Gone are the days of a pencil and paper on the sidelines, frantically juggling clipboards and flipping pages, trying to interpret scribbled data and still keep track of the plays. With these easy-to-use real-time statistics apps in addition to your valuable GroupNet Solutions’ online registration and scheduling database and reporting tools, you’ll be able to spend more time on the most important thing: enjoying the game.