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GroupNet Solutions > Top Mobile Apps for Sports Enthusiasts this Summer

With rising temperatures and a summer right around the corner, people tend to be more active now than any other time of year—not just in their busy, day-to-day lives, but actively watching sports as well!

As warmer weather makes it possible to hold a variety of athletic competitions, everyone from amateurs to professionals are training and in season. But because busy spring scheduling can force us to miss watching our favorite teams and players, serious sports enthusiasts need a way to receive updates regardless of where they are.

GroupNet Solutions compiled three top mobile sports apps for those on the go—guaranteed to keep you current with your sports news, whether it is the little leagues or the majors!

ESPN ScoreCenter for Android and iPhone

ESPN ScoreCenter for Android and iPhone is a very user-friendly application available to mobile sports enthusiasts. In addition to providing real-time scoring information for collegiate and professional teams, it allows a user to compile a “Top Teams” tab only listing one’s favorites. This application is a must-have for any serious sports lover!


For those that only like to watch sports when it gets exciting, Thuuz is for you. Available for Android, iPhone, and Google TV, this application uses an “excitement meter” to detect when a game is heating up and alerts you to tune in. Measuring several factors including point differences, upsets and comebacks, Thuuz even allows you to base notifications around a specific “level of excitement” based on a scale ranging 1-100. And because Thuuz allows you track collegiate and professional teams in sports from basketball to rugby, you’ll never miss an exciting game!

Star Player Agent

For parents more concerned with the little leagues (and not the pros), then Star Agent Player is for you! This application allows iPhone and iPad users to track in real-time the stats for youth leagues in ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer and basketball. Users can manage their teams, players, and rosters straight from the stands, ensuring you always are the first to know when your star makes a big play. For parents with child athletes on the go, Star Player Agent is the only way to go!